East Harlem – Why You Need To Visit This Place

East Harlem, sometimes known as El Barrio, is an area in New York City. It also includes the area formerly known as Italian Harlem. East Harlem is notable for its contributions to hip-hop culture and Salsa music. Even more, East Harlem tourism is something you simply cannot avoid. Below are mentioned several spots you may want to visit one day.

Dinning spots

When friends and family visit New York from out of town, especially from Europe, we often end up taking a quick stroll through New York’s Little Italy, which actually looms large in the imagination of many Europeans. This place is very popular spot for movie directors. Although they have seen it in TV shows and sometimes in movies, many travelers usually tend to have a limited sense of why and how immigrants moved so quickly between different neighborhoods over time.

Above all, they are not very familiar with the American-European culinary world, which they usually perceive as merely a derivative interpretation of Europan food rather than a rich and long tradition. Many American professors are focused on the foodways and culinary traditions of immigrants in the area of East Harlem. Even more, many New Yorkers and Americans in general are not even aware of this area’s European and Italian past, as its population is now mostly Hispanic. Either way, if you are looking for a good pizza in New York, you should definitely opt for East Harlem dinning spots.

The colorful scene on the streets is unrivaled in the city with plenty to do and see. There you go for some idiosyncratic shopping, especially if you are looking for long-running Mexican western-wear stores. Probably the best store is El Rancho, where you can buy small and cute pink leather cowboy boots.

East Harlem tourism offers Mexican Street Stand. This outstanding street stand covered by a bright blue tarp is managed by four cooks at once to make soups, tacos, tlaycoyos and similar mass-borne treats. One of the best treats you can buy there is the mind-refreshing potato-and-chorizo gordita – a big corncake smeared with a pink paste of spud and sausage.

Sandy Restaurant is a long-running lunchroom where most of the menu is displayed on the steam table or in the windows. La Cabana is another humble, but comfortable cafe that offers Mexican food, much of it freshly prepared.

Hall of Fame

Several communities in New York City took a stand and encouraged street art. One of the best examples of this can be found in the East Harlem area at the famous Graffiti Hall of Fame. This art can be found in the playground of the Jackie Robinson Educational Complex and it is founded by a local community activist. The purpose of the Graffiti Hall of Fame was to give graffiti artists a safe and open place to hone their skills, It has evolved to become an internationally known destination for the Who’s Who in graffiti.


While East Harlem offers a lot already, its Harlem Art Festival aims to bring new audiences to Harlem. Using their connections in the music, theater and dance industries, the group has reached out to some of Harlem’s biggest names – Harlem Stage, the Apollo Theatre, the Mount Morris Park Association – for guidance, both financial and creative.

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