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As long as you have a job that pays on regular basis, you automatically qualify for direct payday loans.  There are emergency situations that come up every now and then and require that you have some cash at hand. When going through this kind of financial situations,  and apply for instant payday loans and get money transferred to your account in less than one hour. Payday loans are unsecured loans that give fast solutions to short term financial support.

The instant payday loans are safer used when someone is in dire need, and should not be taken as solutions for long term debt situations.  They  give you fast payday loans and you will also enjoy their very attractive interest rates. Always take a loan that you can manage to pay back without a problem. This will ensure that you practice responsible borrowing.

Before you apply for the loans you also make sure that you read and understand the policy and also the terms and conditions. This is where you will get all the information about repayment process, and you will also understand what happens in case of delayed payments and also get to understand how collection is done.

Direct Money Pot  offers a panel of over 30 lenders who can offer you a Payday Loan. Their service will match their  clients with the most suitable payday lender who will match their requirements.
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5 Random Ways Which Make High-Tech Pay

A few tools and tips which will help you save and make money from technology at your own fingertips

Technology is no stranger to enhancing consumer finance. Smart phones can currently mine data libraries in a matter of seconds, which once required a stadium full of slide rule geeks to fully analyze. Strangers may easily connect for bulk-purchase discounts, and online shared information can pervert the corporate pricing examples to consumers’ advantage.

Technology has dramatically lowered the entry barrier and the internet’s viral nature means that anybody has the opportunity to connect with billions of people worldwide.

20 years ago, all of us were forced to put all of our cards on advisers or banks to provide us important broad-brush info. The world wide web has completely changed that, though even with the armchair revolutions like the PPI reclamation and bank charges, the web is still in the infancy stage with regard to the consumer empowerment category.

So, with the financial fervour of the New Year upon many of you, let’s take a look at our pick of today’s free tips, rules and tools.

1. Book your airline tickets 59 days ahead of time had released some data-crunching news, revealing that on average, booking tickets 59 days ahead of time will give you the cheapest flight ticket offers. Tuesday has been tagged as the best day to fly in.

2. Switch to permanent cheaper energy bills

Changing energy tariff may cut energy bills by over 200 pounds every year. Though gains are usually short-lived, as prices are hiked or fixed deals come to an end, and everything needs to start all over again. had launched last February, and over 900,000 users have registered so far.

Initially, it does a full comparison to verify that you are on the perfect deal for you (also helps you to switch). Though, the nub is that it then saves the details of your tariff. Therefore, each months a complete background comparison is conducted for you, letting you know if you should ever switch again.

3. Shop ‘robo’ style to boost your rights

Purchase products online and you’ll get a 7-day, no vault refund advantage, even if you simply decide to ever change your decision. In stores you’ll only receive a refund on certain faulty goods, so if you purchase the wrong color or size, you have no rights.

4. Credit scoring system – overpass the system

The Eligibility Checker can map you details versus the credit scoring systems of the card companies in order to show your chances of getting accepted. It performs this through a facility of “soft search”, which one can view on his file, but the lenders cannot.

5. Tax rebate – you may be eligible

Every single employee has his own tax code, though the system is quite mangled, as millions have overpaid and may be due rebates. There is no actual way of unraveling this complexity in a full manner, but helps you at least see if you are currently on the right track. The largest published success to this date is a 9,000 pound rebate.

Top apps for money management

money in love

If you’re absolutely terrible with cash but great with high-tech, the following apps can dramatically help you revitalize your finances.

Whether the issue you face is motivating yourself to save for a specific goal, tightly sticking to a certain budget, keeping close track of spending or simply managing to organize your finances, the solution is just a few buttons away…

Check all accounts together

The mobile app ‘OnTrees’ allows users to view the balances of all credit cards and bank accounts, as well as each account’s spending. This is extremely helpful if you are bad at keeping track of your spending amounts on your various credit and debit cards.

It is not the simplest app to get up and running, with a weird keypad which juggles around as you attempt to type, though once it finally gets running, it works very well.

Estimate your worth

Your Wealth mobile app, which is available on both android and iOS, is an incredibly comprehensive budgeting application which allows one to build a clear view of present and future estimated net worth, along with the option to track expenditure vis a vis your targets with time.

You can easily view an approximation of the amount of money you’ll have the next day or in 10 years’ time, thereby allowing you to set personal financial targets and goals to work hard towards, such as saving up money for retirement or property deposit.

Budget your personal spending while on the go

Total Finance is a user-friendly and fun budgeting application which allows you to track spending on the go. Every single time you purchase something, you open the application and make note of how much money you spent and what exactly it was. Then you may set your own budget and check if you’re able to stick to it or not.

The Budgetbrain app is an online alternative. This app is quite different from many of the other various budgeting apps since it allows one to budget across a whole year instead of a month.

Motivate yourself

If you’re having a difficult time motivating yourself to save up for your personal financial goals, especially due to temptations, then the OrSaveIt app is the one for you. It may be a bit tricky in the beginning to set up, but it is definitely worth your time.

It functions by asking you to make a picture of your own savings goal and putting down your target sum. Then, every time you get tempted to purchase something you don’t really need, you simply open the app and remind yourself of the visual goal you are continually saving for and plug in the sum of money you have ‘saved’ by not purchasing the product you were tempted to buy.

Organize your finances

Constantly forgetting to pay bills at the required time? The Bill Assistant mobile app may help you. In this app, you simply plug in data about the regular bills you must pay, and the applications promises to remind you every time the bill date arrives. Furthermore, you may also verify which bills are due up soon. This application is completely free, but may be upgraded in the case that you don’t want advertisements.